The Emotional Behind the Scenes of Our Garage Sale

The week before the garage sale, I had hopes and dreams of it being kind of like Black Friday.  I can actually give you the description of what was going on in my head. I imagined once I posted everything on craigslist and facebook, then people would be going crazy over how good of a deal everything was and our garage sale would kind of go viral. Then I would sell everything without even having to drag every single item in our house out into the garage because people would want to come over before and make sure they got their amazing items.  And I assumed that ALL items that I did take to the garage would be bought immediately, because we were going to have such an amazing crowd.  Everyone in San Francisco was going to come because the news was going to go viral.
All these events took place in my head.  The actual garage sale looked totally different.

The week of the garage sale, a few of my friends did start calling shot-gun on a few things and coming by to pick up items before the big day of the garage sale. I assumed they were coming early to avoid the rush and traffic from all the other shoppers we were going to have.  Now I realize they probably just had better things to do on Saturday morning than to attend my garage sale.

After a few days of selling several things here and there, I began noticing that even though a lot of our stuff was starting to go, our house wasn’t starting to feel any emptier. I kept trying to sell things online, while also packing  our entire house up just in case we needed to put stuff out in the garage.  Then on Friday, the reality of what was really going on started to hit me.  I was hit with the dreaded ‘Oh crap, I have to take all this stuff and put it out in the garage’ moment.  And we were selling EVERYTHING. So it was a lot of stuff.









When I woke up Saturday morning, I was feeling a little disappointed and extremely exhausted at the fact that Tim and I had to move everything we owned  out to the garage.  At this point, I keep tallying up the hours I had spent on this thing in my head- one full week of packing everything up plus an additional 6 hours to move everything outside- and nothing about the outcome was looking great. I’m still telling myself that I can still turn this thing around, and I am reminding myself that the furniture has already been sold. Now I just need to focus my energy on getting rid of EVERYTHING ELSE.

9:00am arrives. Our first furniture pick-up pulled up, and there was a huge red flag.  They pulled up in a car. They came alone in a car to pick up very large furniture.

‘I can still turn this around’, I thought.

They came in and looked at the furniture.  They say they want it. They tell us they will be right back with a truck and some help.  Then, we get a text that this person’s help can’t come today, so they don’t ever want to come pick it up.

I’m slightly panicking, but reminding myself there are more furniture pick-ups.

This scenario, however, kept playing out in all shapes and forms for every furniture pick-up throughout the morning.  One by one, people came for furniture and either backed out of buying it, or said they were coming back with a moving truck, and then never showed back up.  This was our morning.  One back out after another.  The only furniture we sold was the one dresser that had been paid for earlier in the week.

At 12:00pm, when the garage sale was over, we basically still had all of our stuff (minus some things our sweet friends came and bought to help us out), and all of our furniture minus one dresser.

In all my garage sale dreams, I never imagined this next scene could even be an option.

Around 12:00pm, we realized that we had to do something with ALL of our stuff that was sitting in the garage.  We didn’t have another date free to do another garage sale, and there was no way we were taking everything back into the house.  So, our friends who were there hanging out helped us load EVERYTHING we have used for the entire 7 years of our marriage into the back of our SUV, and Tim took it to the Salvation Army.

It took me a few days before I could even talk about what had happened.  I was very emotional about it all.  I was prepared to get rid of everything knowing I would get $2 per item for it. I was not prepared to see it all being loaded into the back of our Jeep and being given away for free.

That was a hard day. It hurt to see all of our stuff riding off to the thrift store.

That day did end on a positive note.  Some of our wonderful friends who were hanging out at the garage sale called us  later that afternoon and told us they were heading over to our house with a truck to buy our furniture.

I wasn’t able to turn that day around.  But God did.

Have you ever had a day like this, and realized God came through for you in the end?

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