Forever Friends

I will miss my friends here in San Francisco so much.  They have been there for me, celebrated me and held me up so many times these past five years.  I want them to know I am thankful for them, I will continue to celebrate them and I am always for them, even though I will be on the other side of the country.

As I was thinking about the perfect gift for each of them, it was so special to stop and think about how uniquely gifted they are.  It has been a joy to get to know the heart of these women and to see them use their gifts for God’s glory.

These women have invested in me.  They have committed their time to me and my family. They have loved my kids. They have brought me meals. They make time for me in their busy schedules and mark a time down each month on their calendars for us to hang out together.  Over the years, these women have shown me the value of having a great community of friends.

  • They have asked me hard questions , given me great advice, and told me really hard truths
  • They have loved my kids, supported and encouraged Tim and me as a couple, and encouraged me personally
  • I can tell them anything. Anything. And they still love me and want to be my friend
  • We have fun together
  • Life with them has helped me become the woman God created me to be

We all need friends like this.  We all need community.

friends at the zoo

In order to have close community, we must make friendships a priority.  This means we must invest in friendships.  Celebrate your friends. Support your friends.  Encourage your friends.  Make sure you are hanging out with your closest friends at least once a month.

There was a time when I didn’t have close friends like this.  If you are in this position, I can’t encourage you enough to go join a small group or community group at your church. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you don’t know anything about the Bible, or if you think you don’t have your life together. Just go join one. Your life is meant to be shared with friends.  Once you get there you will be so glad you went.

I will be starting over in building strong friendships in a new city.  One of my friends told me once I get to Huntsville I have to look forward, but to know all my friends are here when I need them.

I have shared my life here.  I have shared it with amazing women; women who have changed me and who I will love forever. I know we will always be friends and they are always be just a phone call away.

I can’t wait to see what amazing women I will get to share life with in Huntsville.

Who are you sharing your life with?

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