The Process of Getting Rid of All Our Stuff

After we decided to move, we decided it would make the most logistical sense to sell all of our stuff and only take what would fit in our Jeep Patriot.  There were several factors behind this decision. One factor was that we want to focus on the essential things in life, so we thought it would be a good practice to go through and get rid of things that were distractions, we no longer needed, we didn’t love, ect.  This was a very emotional, but very healthy process.
Doing this really helped me realize that we had wasted money over the years on things that we never used. It also helped me understand what we do use everyday, and what we have come to value.  There were some items we simply couldn’t fit in our car and will have to buy again. Simply because of that reason, we now know what items we can live without and which items we would like to purchase.

When I was going through all the rooms and getting rid of everything, I gave myself several rules, and also several allowances. I started with a list of non-negotiables that I felt couldn’t be replaced.

Here were my non-negotiables:

  • The girls’ special sentimental items
  • My photo albums and high-school year books
  • Pieces of art we have collected
  • Tim’s Christmas village
  • Our special  Christmas ornaments

Unfortunately, these items alone took up about half of the space in the car.  I really didn’t have the freedom to be picky or choosy about all the others items we brought.

Once I had my list of non-negotiables, I went through each room with a giveaway box, sell box, and a maybe box.  This process took several weeks and several rounds of going from room to room. It was emotional at first, but each round became easier and easier.  Over Christmas I read Essentialism, by Greg Mckeown, and I remembered some great tips from it about simplifying your life.  I used some of the questions the book suggested.

For each round I asked myself these questions, and answer honestly.

Round 1: Have you worn these or used these in the last year?

Round 2: If you were in the store now, would you buy this again?

I did this in every room of the house.  Some things were much easier to get rid of than others.  After asking myself these questions, I realized that I really didn’t love a lot of my stuff anyway. Once the process was over, I actually reached a point where I was excited to be getting rid of everything and starting over.

The whole process was a great learning experience for both Tim and me.  It helped us realize how much we have that we don’t need.

We are starting over, and we are excited to begin a lifestyle of focusing on the essentials.

What would you say your essentials are?

I will be sharing more about our essential lifestyle over the next few months.  I would love for you to subscribe and follow along!

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