Living With the In-laws

When we decided to make the move from San Francisco to Huntsville, we thought it might make the most sense to live with Tim’s mom and step-dad for a month or two while we looked for a house.  Since we love Tim’s mom and step-dad and their hospitality is competitive with that of the Ritz Carlton, this option was very appealing to us.  Also, the fact that we are basically unemployed until we finish fundraising for Tim’s salary helped sealed the deal.

So, we arrived and got settled into the Ritz, I mean Tim’s moms house. In order to make us feel more comfortable, Tim’s mom completely cleaned out all the closets on our side of the house, and gave us a designated spot in the kitchen to put our groceries.  She also went really above and beyond and bought a very nice bunk bed and put it in the playroom for the girls to sleep on.

I realized as I walked in and looked at the playroom makeover that I probably should have told them before we moved in that both of the girls still sleep in a crib.

This ended up being fine, we just put Selah in a pack-and-play in the dining room. Now no one ever has to ask or wonder how she slept. Everyone throughout the house can hear her just fine.

Tim’s step-dad also offered to get us a storage unit for all the items we brought in our car that wouldn’t fit in our bedroom.  I unloaded the bags that had our clothes and shoes, and we took everything else to the storage until.  After unpacking everything, we realized we grabbed the wrong suitcase of clothes. We needed actual practical, everyday clothes, but instead we accidentally unloaded every other type of clothing we owned. Business coats. Nice dresses. Winter jackets. If it was impractical, we had it. Pants and shoes on the other hand? A scarcity. I had one pair of jeans, and I remembered putting all my other jeans in a special bag, but I still can’t remember what bag.  So, I have been rotating that same pair of jeans and a green pair of pants since we arrived.  And that will be my style for the next month.  Tim actually got lucky and found his shoes in the storage unit.

I have organized all of our stuff as best I can, yet it still takes a little longer to get ready because I can’t find anything.

However, I am so glad to be here.

I love Huntsville.

When I think about the near future, the fact that I am living with my in-laws and can only find one pair of jeans to wear for the next month is not even that big of a deal to me.

I love to see Tim come in and talk to me (and his mom) about his day. It becomes more clear each day that God has called us back to Tim’s hometown to start a church for the unchurched.  I love to hear Tim  talk about his vision for the church and everything he thinks it will entail.

Starting this church will be very hard, and it already has had some hard moments.  Living with my mother-in-law at age thirty was not my childhood dream. However, my heart is so full of joy and peace. I am so happy to be here.  I am so proud of my husband.

We are also thankful there is an end date. We will be moving into our house May 22.  I am extremely grateful for my in-laws for letting us stay here during this transition.


When we continue to surrender ourselves to Christ, He can continue to grow us into who we are made to be.

Is God asking you to surrender anything in your life?

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