The Journey- Day 1

Remember when Prince William and Duchess Kate had their first baby? And everyone couldn’t wait to see? The media was there waiting for them to come out of the hospital so the world could get a glimpse. We assumed Kate would be wheeled out in a wheelchair, but then she came out in heels and looked as if she had never even been pregnant.Β  You remember this right?


The world loves William and Kate. So naturally, we couldn’t wait to see when their bab(ies) were born. In America, we are fascinated with the Royal family. It helps a little that they are all so beautiful, but we have grown up loving stories of royal families. How many Disney movies have you seen lately that don’t have a princess? Besides Mulan.. which was the worst.


How do we really know that Prince William is from a royal line? How can we trust who he says he is?Β  Why did the world stop what they were doing to watch his wedding and then again for the birth of his first son?


How do we know who Prince William is?

I don’t know a lot about English history, but I know Prince William’s family heritage goes way back. When I looked it up, Google said it goes back to 757. That’s a long time for one family to reign a country.


Why did we care about the birth of his son?

We all know from watching Disney movies that the first born son will be first in line one day for the kingdom. Therefore, we all wanted to get a peak of the baby that would be king of England one day. At least that’s what the media told us all day that day.



At this point you are probably thinking to yourself, “I thought this was going to be about Jesus.”


It is.


In the same way that many people across the world wanted to see baby Prince George when he was born so they could see the next heir, there was also a group of people who knew Jesus was the next heir of the world. This group of people traveled from afar to see him, worshipΒ  him, and bring him gifts.


Who were these people? How did they know from the time he was born that this baby was the Savior? Our King?


What were their clues that this baby was the King- the Messiah- that they had been waiting for?




Through this Christmas series, we will be answering these questions and more!


This series will be broken into 3 different chapters.


  1. Is Jesus From a Royal Family?
  2. Important Prophesies
  3. A Look at the Wise Men
  4. The Birth Story



I hope you follow along with me on The Journey this Christmas. I will make one new post each day from now until Christmas. This way, we can celebrate the Advent season together, and take a look each day at the events leading up to Jesus’s birth.


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Will you be taking The Journey with me this Christmas season?

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  1. I will be taking this journey with you! I am so happy to see the life that you and your husband are living, thanks for sharing! Love you

  2. I will be taking this journey with you! I am so happy to see the life that you and your husband are living, thanks for sharing! Love you

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