12 Tribes of Israel- Day 8

If I ever get to go shopping at Target by myself, I make sure that I find a long line when I check out. Why? Because I love to skim the tabloids. I usually can’t keep up with who is married to who, who got engaged, or whose baby daddy left her while she was pregnant. I always think to myself, “why am I reading this?!” And then I keep on reading.

Jacob kind of has a tabloid magazine love life story.


Jacob arrives at his Uncle Laban’s house. He falls in love with Rachel, Laban’s younger daughter. Jacob tells Laban he will serve him for seven years in exchange for Rachel. After Jacob served his seven year, Laban gave Jacob his daughter and they were married. Only, he woke up the next morning and realized he had married Laban’s older daughter, Leah. (What?!)


Jacob is upset, and confronts Laban. He agrees to also give Rachel to Jacob, in exchange for another seven years.


He now has two wives. He clearly loves Rachel more than Leah. However, only one wife can have children. Any guess which one? If you guessed Leah, that’s correct.


This is where the real drama begins.


Leah gets pregnant four times. Four boys.  After her forth child, she can no longer have any more children.


Rachel still cannot have children, so she gets her servant, Bilhah, to give birth on her behalf.


Bilhah has two boys.


Not to be outdone, Leah gets her servant, Zilpah, to give birth on her behalf.


Zilpah has two boys.


Then God opens Leah’s womb back up. She has two more sons and a daughter.


Finally, the unexpected happened.


“God remembered Rachel, and God listened to her and opened her womb.” Genesis 30:22


Interesting side note. This son that Rachel finally had was Joseph. As in Joseph that Jacob loved so much and gave a beautiful coat of many colors to. Ever wonder why Jacob loved Joseph so much more than all the other brothers? Joseph was Rachel’s son. Rachel was the wife he loved.


Getting back to all the kids. Jacob now has twelve children. These children become known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel.


Want to know which tribe Jesus came from?


I will go ahead and tell you it wasn’t Joseph’s tribe. Let’s look at the names of Leah’s children and see if you can guess from there.


Leah’s Children’s Names and Meanings:

  • Reuben- Because the Lord has looked upon my affliction
  • Simeon- Because the Lord has heard that I am hated
  • Levi- Now this time my husband will be attached to me
  • Judah- This time I will praise the Lord    

It is fascinating in Genesis 30 to see the emotions of Leah. God has opened her womb because she is hated. Her children’s names represent how she feels about the whole situation. We see that by the time she has baby number four, her emotions have changed.


Judah. This time I will praise the Lord.


This is the child God uses to continue to carry out his lineage.


We are almost through with the family lineage! In the next few days, we will find out if Jesus came from a Royal line! The best is ahead!

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