King David- Day 9

King David
One of my favorite people in all of the Bible is David. David had kind of a roller coaster of a life, and through that he wrote the Psalms. Whenever I am feeling a bit emotional, I just go hang out with David in the Psalms. David knows exactly how to say things that most women are thinking and feeling about certain situations. If he were alive today- and a woman- we would definitely be best friends.

Besides writing the Psalms, who is David?

When David was a young boy, the prophet Samuel came to David’s house. Samuel asks David’s dad, Jesse, if he could see all of his sons. Samuel tells Jesse that God wants one of his sons to be the king one day. Jesse’s older sons are warriors. David is Jesse’s youngest son. Jesse explains that David is not a warrior. He is a shepherd boy.

Regardless, David is the son God chose to be the next king of Israel.

Do you remember Jacob’s twelve son’s? They inherited the Promised Land, and became known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel. After several years, two kingdoms formed. The kingdom of Judah (the Southern kingdom) and the kingdom of Israel (the Northern kingdom.) David was first made king over Judah. Then seven years later, the two kingdoms joined and David was made king over all of Israel.

Is David part of Abraham’s family line?

David’s family was from the tribe of Judah. Judah has a strange and complicated story. God killed Judah’s first-born son because he was wicked. Then God killed his second son because he wouldn’t give the first-born son’s wife a child. Then the wife was kind of left hanging, so she tricked Judah into getting her pregnant. With twins, of course.

The twins were born, and Perez was the first born. Perez would later become David’s great-grandfather.

I actually wrote out a family tree from Adam and Eve to Jesus just so I could see it. Because of the twelve brothers, the whole thing took up two pages front and back. It was really neat to make it, and then go back and read the genealogy account in Matthew 1. It makes you realize that the stories we are reading throughout the Bible are real. This was a real family. These were real events. These things have been documented not only through history, but also through genealogy.

I highly recommend you to go back and read Luke 3:23-38. Where does Luke remind us that the family line begins?

Yes. With God.

This lineage really is fascinating. It began when God created Adam. It ended when God fathered Jesus. 

This family line continues with King David until the birth of Baby Jesus. Judah was not a first-born son of his family, nor did he have the best character among his siblings. It is interesting that God chose him to continue this special lineage through. However, his tribe ruled over all the other tribes.

The tribe of Judah was known for its power. It later became known for its royalty. And later, our King.

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