The Wise Men- Day 11


A few years ago, one of my best friends had a baby. Her first child. I went to the hospital to see the baby and offer support to her and her husband. When I arrived at the hospital, I realized I didn’t have a gift. We were good enough friends that I didn’t really need one. At the same time, she was pushing her first born child out of her body. I felt like I probably at least needed to get her a candy bar or something from the gift shop.


Once the Wise Men realized Jesus was born, they made a long journey to come worship him. All the nativity scene images we see show three wise men. The Bible never says how many wise men there were. It only says how many gifts were given.


We know the wise men traveled a very long way to see Jesus. It was an 800 mile one-way trip. They did not see Jesus at the time of his birth. Jesus was around two years old once they arrived. We don’t know how many wise men came along for the journey. Sixteen hundred total miles on foot would be a hard sell. Maybe it was just three men. Maybe it was a large group. We just don’t know.


When the wise men arrived, they presented their gifts.






These were traditional gifts given to honor kings. The fact that they came prepared with these specific gifts tells us they knew who they were coming to worship. They were coming to worship Jesus. They knew Jesus was God’s son.


The story of the wise men is one of the most interesting stories in all of the Bible to me. The wise men, who lived 800 miles away, knew that Jesus had been born. They knew Jesus was our King sent from God.  Our Savior.


How did the wise men know who Jesus was?


How did they know he was God’s son? Our King?


How did they know where to find him?


We are going to be answering all of the questions and more!


If you have any other questions about the wise men, please put it in the comments below, and I will try to cover it as well!

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