What My Husband and Jesus Have In Common

My husband loves to tell the story of his birth.
He surprised everyone by coming early. On Christmas. Apparently the hospital was very busy that day. His mom didn’t have a room for her entire labor. They finally realized Tim was going to be a monster baby, and got his mom into an operating room.


Here he is. A 10 pounder. Isn’t this cute? They even had a Wise Man stop by after he was born to pay a visit. I’m not making any of this up.

All of his family packed up their Christmas meal and celebrated Christmas at the hospital that day. What a perfect Christmas gift.

But wouldn’t you kind of hate having your birthday on Christmas? Tim said growing up very few people remembered it was his birthday.Even now it is difficult to think through what I should do for his birthday each year. It’s hard to celebrate someone on Christmas, and actually make them feel like it is their special day. Everyone else is getting really amazing presents that day as well. Everyone feels special on Christmas.

It’s also hard to celebrate Jesus on Christmas. It’s easy to forget about him. We get caught up unwrapping all of our new things. Making sure we look great for our Christmas parties. Convincing our kids that Santa is real.

When the Wise Men arrived from their long journey, they presented him with gifts. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. These gifts were specifically given to royalty.

Jesus was born in the most humble of situations. However, he was and is the King of the World.


God is with Us.


The son of the Most High.


Our Savior is born.

Let’s celebrate this.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for following along with this Advent series!

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  1. I doubt anyone could possibly love Tim more than his Mother. However, as much as I want to believe that, I know it isn’t true. Jesus loves him more. Because of Jesus, Tim and I will live forever in Heaven. Only His Savior can give That Gift of life. Thank you, Kristin, for writing this Christmas blog. Thank you for taking care of Tim and for letting Christ shine through you! I love you.

  2. You could surprise Tim with a half-year Birthday celebration. I have a friend who started this when her son first started to school about 30-35 years ago. Happy Birthday to Tim!

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