What Are You Becoming?

My 2015:

I left my 20’s and entered my 30’s.

 I gave away almost everything we owned and my family and I moved across the country.

I left great friends and a familiar life in San Francisco and moved into the unpredictable lifestyle of starting a church in Huntsville, AL.

I became a pastor’s wife.

We hosted church in our home almost every Sunday night for six months.

I started this little blog.

I went from having no family around to now having family everywhere. (a good change).

I started going to the gym all the time so I could process my emotions and thoughts about all the changes taking place while someone else watched my kids for an hour.

I ran my first 5k.

I struggled with all of these things and felt like life was all too much at times.

This year had been full of changes. Decisions. Risks.

It has also been a year full of finding joy. Joy through embracing what God has called us to do. Joy in embracing rest in God’s peace.

I am still becoming.

I am still becoming who I am.

I am becoming who I am in Christ. And it is very hard some days.

It isn’t always easy to do what God asks of us. It usually requires a lot of us. And it doesn’t always make a lot of sense at first.

This year has been a year of changes. A year of God asking us to become who He wants us to be.

The changes were difficult. But the changes were for our good.

We are all becoming something.

When we make small decisions, if affects who we become.

The shows we watch. The books we read. The way we spend our free time.

We are all becoming something.

What if this year we all allowed ourselves to become who we are in Christ?

Who are you becoming?

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  1. I am enjoying reading your blog posts. I followed your Advent series and really appreciated it! 2015 has been a year of changes for me as well. I am still trying to discover where I am going. I feel like I am following God’s plan for me as I see pieces being revealed slowly. But some days, I still feel uncertain about who I am and where His plan will take me. This blog post speaks to me because it is exactly where I find myself. I’ve actually just started (yesterday) reading “A million little ways” by Emily Freeman hoping it will help me continue on this path of discovery. Have you read it? Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Jana,Thanks for your sweet comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the series. I haven’t read that book, but I really like Emily Freeman so I bet it is great. Some advice someone gave me was to ask yourself these things. 1-what breaks your heart/makes you cry? 2- what are your gifts? 3. How can you use them together? And remember that God’s power really is made perfect in our weakness. We are not made to be good at everything. We are made to be who he wants us to be. Hope this helps!

  2. Yes it has been a tough year Kristin. I lost my sister to cancer back in May and my father-in-law was diagnosed with stomach cancer in August. My two best friends lost their job here at work. I still struggle with all this, but I know everything happens for a reason. I know God is always by my side and he will not put on me anything more than I can handle, but yet I still struggle. Losing my sister was by far the hardest thing I have ever been through. My heart hurts!!! My struggles are nothing compared to others who are much worse. I need to “Become” closer to God, but I push him away at times. I want to become a faithful child of God. Thank you for your post, I so enjoying reading them.

    1. Hey Holly,I’m so sorry about the loss of your sister. That is a lot of heartache for one year. Thanks for being honest about all your emotions. I think we are grieve differently, and that is normal. I would encourage you to read through some of the Psalms. The author, David, expresses a lot of his emotions about grief and God and other life situations. It is great to read and see someone else wrestle with their emotions toward God, and then ultimately see how much God loves us. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog.

  3. Wow, what a year full of changes! It sounds both hard and exciting. I too, a little more each day, am becoming who I was made to be in Christ. It’s an exciting journey. I’m excited for 2016. Thank you for linking up with Grace and Truth.

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