The January Blues

Can you believe Christmas was just last week?

November and December are such crazy months. They are filled with lights and music and shopping and anticipation. It is the most wonderful time of year, and the most hectic. The most fun and the most exhausting.

The count down to Christmas is half of the fun. Then it comes and goes, and it is over.

Then there is New Year’s Eve. The one last hooray. For us, at an amazing Mexican restaurant.

Then you wake up the next morning. And all the fun is over. The thrill is gone. December has passed.

It’s now January.

No more lights. No more music. No more anticipation.

Just winter. Dead trees. Cold weather.


Just a few days ago it was fun getting out in the cold. There were Christmas bells jingling outside of the store as I walked in. Or Christmas music as I walked around the outdoor mall.

But now it’s January. The bells are over.

And since it’s January, my kids have had seven days to play with their new toys. Which means their toys are already so last year to them. And they are asking for new toys.

The first week of January is always my least favorite week of the year. It is the week the magic of Christmas ends. And real life begins again..

Christmas is over, folks. And now January is here.

No one likes the feeling of taking down their Christmas tree.  Thanks a lot January.

So what is the point of January? Why does it have to come every year?

January is the time of year that things find rest. Leaves are off the trees because they don’t have enough sunlight through the winter. Animals hibernate during the winter to conserve energy when food is limited.

What are we supposed to do during January?

January is a great time to find rest. A time to reflect. A time to seek God and ask for guidance on our life.

January can be boring and blah and depressing. It is a slow month after a month of fun.

What if it was meant to be a little boring?

What if January was made for us to find rest? True rest. Rest that is only found in Christ.

What are your thoughts on January?


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  1. I think of January as a time of new beginnings. A new month, a new year and for me my birthday which is January 3rd. My mom always left our Christmas tree up until after my birthday which I have continued that tradition. I love your thought that January is a great time to rest and reflect. Even nature as you have pointed out is at rest during this time. Enjoyed reading your thoughts as we enter a new year. Be blessed!

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