Pursuing Simple

A recent Washington Post article was titled “The Death of Reading is Threatening the Soul.” The article talked about how our brains are becoming trained by social media to glance and hop from one topic to another, and how that’s not a good thing. 

We no longer sit and read.

Our daughter goes to school thirty minutes earlier than last year. On top of that, her morning routine takes much longer. Each morning I find it harder and harder to wake up early enough to spend time reading the Bible and praying before I get our kids ready for school. Instead, I often find myself laying in bed, glancing at my phone.

Reading is a discipline. Waking up early and choosing to spending time with God in the morning is a discipline. However, it’s something our soul longs for.

What I’m Reading:

I’m currently reading through the book of Job in the Old Testament and doing the Seamless Bible Study by Angie Smith with a group of ladies from our church.

I recently read Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally In a Chaotic World. Throughout the book, Tsh Oxenreider describes family life and her pursuit to live a simple lifestyle. In the book, she gives a description of international living and how she learned to slow down and enjoy daily life. Her family then moved back to the states and had a hard time adjusting and pursuing the simple lifestyle they once loved. They wrested with the hard decisions of home-school, public school, or private school, and tried all three.  As a mom seeking to live a more simple and intentional lifestyle (but struggling to find balance with that), this book was comforting to read..

Apps I’m Using:

I love hanging out with our kids. I enjoy them even more when I’m not distracted by my phone. I recently started using the Moment App. It tracks your screen time each day. My phone has become a habit as I glance at it constantly. It steals moments with my children, mental energy and hours of my day that I will never get back. It’s amazing how much more fun we have when we put our distractions away. Creativity begins with boredom. When the kids and I are bored, we laugh more, create more, read more, explore more, and enjoy more.

How are you pursuing the simple things in life today?

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