Four Fantastic Freezer Meals

One of my goals for the New Year is to get our home-life more organized. Our family went through several transitions and unexpected events last year, which left me in survivor mode most of the year. Once things finally slowed down a little, I allowed myself time to rest and recover from all the business and chaos that went on. Then, I made a plan to help move forward and do life in a more simple way.

One simple yet significant change I made was the addition of freezer meals. I did these years ago, and forgot how easy they can be!

Cook Once. Eat Twice. (Or Three Times!)

One great trick is to double or triple the batch when making certain recipes. This will allow you to freeze and store a meal (or sometimes  two meals) to eat later. Depending on the meal, this can also be very cost effective, since you are using most of the same ingredients.

Not only are freezer meals great for helping with home organization, they also encourage hospitality and generosity towards others.  I love taking women meals after they have a baby, after a surgery or if I know they are going through a hard time. This past year, I felt overwhelmed with adjusting to our schedule and missed a lot of opportunities to bless others with a meal. Having a frozen, homemade meal in the freezer allows me to spend more time visiting with friends and family who need a meal.

Here are my four go-to freezer meals:


Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Spaghetti

Taco Soup


If you would like the recipe for these meals, click here.

Want more meal planning inspiration and tips? Click here for how we meal plan on a budget.

What are some of your favorite family organization tips?


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