I’m Kristin and I’m so glad you are here. I’m the mom of two beautiful little girls, and the wife of a super cute pastor. We recently moved from the West Coast back to the Southeast to start a church in my husband’s hometown. It’s been the best and hardest year of our life. We couldn’t be more excited about all we have been able to experience and be a part of.

Is it just me, or is life hard? The first time my husband ever preached, our girls were newborn and twenty-five-months old. Our life and ministry were in downtown San Francisco.

I was so nervous. It was such a special day. I wanted to make sure my husband felt like the day was perfect. I was still figuring out how to take care of two babies at one time by myself. I wanted to look great for church since my husband was speaking that day. I wanted to get there early and get a seat at the front so Tim would know I was there to support and encourage him.

I was late. I forgot our stroller and had to carry both girls four blocks. I ruined a brand new pair of Jessica Simpson boots with bacon grease from making a perfect breakfast. Once I arrived and finally made it to the front row, I realized my shirt was completely see through.

I was doing way too much to make myself seem perfect.

That day, I sat on the front row in my see through shirt as my husband preached. I felt very exposed and imperfect. And not just because of my shirt.

For too long I had relied on myself, my appearance, and my circumstances to make me feel important. That day, I realized the weight of relying on those things for my identity and happiness.

I realized that day that I no longer knew how not to rely on them.

We are all looking for something to make us content. To satisfy us. To bring us joy. To make us feel important.  

This is where I write my journey and struggles of finding my true identity in Christ. Shedding off everything else. 

I’m so glad you are here.