Two Moms

Since we helped purchase Dalton’s house, Dalton’s mom is frequently on my mind.  I often wonder what she is like. I often want to go to Uganda just to encourage her. Let her know she is doing a great job mothering her four children. I wonder who is telling her these things? Is anyone saying this to her? In my mind she seems like such a strong, inspirational woman.  She works in the market to provide for her kids. She seems humble.  When things are offered to her or her children that she thinks will better their life, she accepts.  She is a strong woman. A strong mother. Featured image A mission team from our church got back from Uganda a few months ago, and spoke of the poverty.   Not every house has electricity, a lot of kids have no shoes, but many are still full of joy. After hearing our mission teams come back each year and repeating these same things about the Uganda culture, I began to ask myself several questions.  Why am I often not full of joy in my comfortable house, where my kids have too many shoes, and where we leave the lights on all the time?  If Dalton’s mom saw all that my kids and I have, and knew that sometimes we are still unhappy- and even wanted more most of the time- what would she think? If she knew I still need constant encouragement, even though my life is pretty easy and I have access to almost anything I need, what would she think about me? Would she think I am a weak woman? A weak mom?

The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace Romans 8:6

I will never know what it is like to live in her circumstances of extreme poverty, and she will probably never know what it is like to live in the culture of American consumerism.

I have never met Dalton’s mom. I pray that she is finding life and peace in the hope that Christ brings, and that she is showing that love to Dalton. I pray that she realizes that the only thing she needs to be a good mom to her kids is the hope and love of Christ, and a life led by the Spirit. I pray her and her children are living an abundant life, a life seeking after God’s love and will for their life.

I pray this for myself as well.  I pray that I would not be distracted from all that I have access to.  I pray that Christ alone would be enough for me.  I pray that I would learn how to be a more responsible consumer, and more grateful for the things that I already own.

How can we ensure we listen to what the Spirit is saying, instead of what our mind is saying?

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