God’s Word through Music

When I decided to start teaching Sophia about God and Jesus, I thought it would be pretty easy. I assumed I would just read her books at night and then talk about him throughout the day, and then she would just understand. I also didn’t think she would mind what books I read to her night.  But, that is just not the case at our house. She cares what books we read.  And at two, I don’t want to make the Bible seem boring by forcing her to sit down and listen against her will. And, randomly bringing up God while drawing circles and squares also wasn’t working.  She kept thinking God is a new shape.

So, I decided to buy her this memory verse CD to listen to in the car. She LOVES it.  When we get in the car she says “Will you turn my music on mommy?”

I gladly turn it on.

I love hearing my little two year old’s princess voice singing “Jesus Christ! Laid down his life. For us!” in the back seat. I know she doesn’t understand yet what it means, but she will. This music makes her curious, and it keeps God’s word in her mind and coming out of her mouth daily.  And she loves to sing it. And it makes me smile and is good for my soul to hear her sing it. Listening to Sophia sing God’s word has helped me remember that teaching her and Selah to have a relationship with Christ is the most important job God has ever, and will ever give me. And it is no small task.

Below is the Amazon link to the CD we have so you can easily check it out!

What other creative ways have you come up with to help you teach your kids God’s word?

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