The Girl who Shared Her Story

When I was young and didn’t quite understand how the world worked yet, I had dreams of becoming a famous model.  I’m not sure where this aspiration came from. I entered several beauty pageants in high school and never even placed. That should have been my clue that this wasn’t meant to be my industry. Then my poor mom took me to a modeling agency when I was in high school. When that didn’t work, I talked her into letting me go to modeling school while I also attended college. It was the same modeling/acting school Courtney Cox started at, so I just knew this school would help me break into the modeling world.

The modeling school had a stylist they recommended us use to cut and color our hair before we had our head shots taken. I obviously made an appointment with the stylist. This was basically my childhood dream, and this was my chance to make it big.

I pulled into the salon, and it was nothing like I imagined. I assumed since this stylist was recommended by a modeling school, she would have a very glamorous, hip studio. Instead, it was a very warm and inviting house that had been turned into a salon. When I walked in, very calming music was playing. Personal pictures were all over the walls. It had the feel of walking into someone’s home.

As I sat and got my haircut, I looked around the room and could tell the pictures were meant to tell the story of this girl’s life. They were all meaningful and significant moments. It displayed pictures such as her wedding, her friends at their weddings, and pictures of her with various people in different countries.

We began talking about all the pictures, and she began walking me through the stories of the pictures. She used the pictures to explain to me how God had used the people in the pictures to introduce her to Him. She showed me who explained to her what it meant to have a relationship to God, who first invited her to church, and how her husband continues to help her learn how to read the Bible.  She explained that having a relationship with Christ, not just going to church, had changed her life.  She shared her new passion for going to other countries and sharing God’s love with others.

Messy is the word I would use to describe my early adult years.

I had no vision or purpose for my life, and I was looking for it in all the wrong places.

At the present time, as I was sitting in her chair listening to this, I had not been attending church in years. I was searching for what she had found. And she was brave enough to share it with me.

Her life had been transformed by the love of Christ. She was so genuinely in love and in a close relationship with Christ. Jesus was her discussion topic of choice.

Her life change was real. Her love for others was real. Her love for me was felt. Her life is lived with intention.

I left that day, still searching for identity. I knew I wanted peace and purpose in my life like that girl had. I still wasn’t convinced that I could get it from having a relationship with Christ.

It was several months later before I started going to church again. When I did start back, I remembered how that hair stylist explained that life change only happens through having a relationship with Christ. So, I entered into a relationship with Christ, and began finding my identity in him.

This relationship has slowly taken my life from messy to meaningful.

I look back at where my life was headed at that time. It wasn’t good. It was actually pretty bad. I’m so thankful that she shared her story with me. Otherwise I am not sure how my story would have turned out.

Sometimes I wonder why I listened to her.  I think I listened because she was excellent in her field; a field I valued above anything else at that time. I wanted her to make me look beautiful so I could become a model (which makes me laugh now). She could have just given me a great haircut, but she chose to also give me the gift of knowing Jesus.

I have no idea what that girl’s name was. I do know God used her in a great way to transform my life, and help me find the identity I was really looking for when I came to her to make me beautiful. She did also give me the best haircut I have ever had. 🙂

Oh, and if you’re curious how my modeling career turned out, Belk hired me once. They hired me to be the Belk Bear and wear a bear costume and walk around with other models who wore actual clothes from Belk.

When was the last time you shared how meaningful your relationship with Christ is to someone?


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  1. Awesome story Kristin! God has given you a wonderful gift that you are using to reach people for Christ! I can assure you there are many that are many that can relate to the story.

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing! God is so good! I was a nine yr old in church when Jesus spoke to my heart and I became a Christian. However, I never had a chance to wear a bear costume☺️.

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