Leaving a Legacy

I live in a city obsessed with space exploration.

A great man passed away last week who worked closely with Warner Von Braun. Von Braun revolutionized space travel and exploration the same way Elvis did the music industry. Stories have been told that Warner Von Braun once walked into a meeting and asked,“Is Milner the only one who does anything around here?”

Saturday the entire Milner family gathered on a beautiful fall day and celebrated the life of Tim’s granddad, Robert Milner. We said good-bye one last time to the man who built and ever-lasting legacy for each of us.

Stories were told throughout the day of how Mr. Milner had had such a great impact on others. 

The stories were not about how Mr. Milner had become very successful and worked at NASA. The stories were not about how he worked with Warner Von Braun. Although he had done both.

People were not raging about what a great job he had done as a parent. As a grandparent. Or great-grandparent. Although he had done a great job at all those things.

No one mentioned the kind of cars he drove throughout his life. What his house looked like. Or how he took care of his lawn.

There were several stories being shared that morning. They all had a common theme.

The pastor shared his story of Mr. Milner to everyone at the funeral. When the pastor was a teenager, his father died. This left him and his mom with several large hospital bills. He explained that he went to work at a young age to help his mom pay the bills. Once he had enough money to pay off the hospital debt, he went to the hospital with the payment. To his surprise, the bills had already been paid. Only one name came to mind. Robert Milner. 

More than his accomlishments or achievements, Robert Milner’s kindness and generosity is what everyone remembers him for. 

 Robert and his wife, Lou, built a strong foundation together for their family to follow. They both fell in love with Jesus a long time ago. They live below their means so they can intentionally invest in the live of those around them. They loved each other well for sixty years. They were able to do all of this because they understand that this life is temporary. Life with Jesus is eternal.

Many have and will continue to come to know Jesus because of Robert and Lou’s generousity and kindness toward people.

Being generous and investing in others. This is their legacy.

 Tim and I have several friends who intentionally invest in us. Friends who are building legacies of generosity for their families.

I received call one day last week from one of my best friends who I rarely get to see. She invited us to come to a local children’s museum. When we arrived, the lady at the desk told me to go on in. Our tickets had already been paid for by my sweet friend.

The night Tim’s grandfather died, my oldest daughter was also sick for the third time in six weeks. As soon as we arrived home from the doctor, there was a knock at the door. It was dinner from a sweet friend.

One friend invests in me by decorating my house with amazing items she finds from friends or at yard sales for me. 

One of our friends invests in me and Tim by investing in our girls. She offers to watch them for us so we have a date and invest in our marriage.

 Knowing it would be a long day, one sweet friend brought food to the funeral home for the entire Milner family. This was no small gesture. There are thirty or forty of us.

Life on earth is but a glimpse. The moments in life that matter most are the moments when we are giving of our self and caring for others.  The moments when friends and family are hurting or overwhelmed, and we jump in and help.

I’m thankful our friends are investing in me and my family right now, just like Mr. Milner once did with others.

Do you have any friends in your life who need someone to invest in them?

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