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Three Resources for Advent- Plus My Free E-book!

Last week I was home listing to Spotify on my computer. The music kept suddenly cutting off. I assumed it was an internet connection problem. Each time the music turned off, I checked my internet status, then clicked for Spotify for sync back to my computer.

After several times of doing this, I received a text message from Tim. It read, “Stop changing my music, you pirate.”

Somehow his Spotify account was pulled up on my computer. Each time I turned my music on at our house, it was changing his music at his office.

When he got home later that day, I asked what he was thinking when his music kept  randomly changing to different music. And how did he know it was me to blame?

“No one else I know listens to Lauren Daigle and Christy Nockles Christmas music during November,” he said.

It’s true. Four weeks just isn’t enough time to listen to all the amazing Christmas music.

The last few years I have celebrated Advent, and it has really brought out the magic and miracle of Christmas for me. During a season of receiving and consuming, observing Advent focuses my heart and mind on the gifts I have already received. The gift of life through salvation that cannot be taken away. The gift of hope we have in Jesus. The gift of love given to us from the beginning of time.

Each November, as I am making my shopping lists for teacher gifts and grandparents, I also prepare for Advent.


Last year we used the Jesse Tree Book with our kids, and they loved it. Starting with Adam and Eve, it walks you through the genealogy of Jesus. For the ornaments, we used The Jesse Tree Ornament and Craft Book. We colored an ornament each day as we talked about the story.

If someone told me I had to bake with my kids for 25 days in a row to celebrate Advent, I would probably cancel Christmas at our house. If this is how you are feeling right now about doing a craft for 25 days with your kids, don’t fret. Our children have no idea what Advent is. They don’t need additional ornaments, crafts, calendars or trees. These are all optional things to go along with the devotional.

If you are looking for an ornament set that isn’t made by your children, I recommend this Wooden Ornament Set. I have not personally used it, but I would love to get it when the girls get older to continue doing out Advent tree tradition after they have outgrown crafts. The ornaments are beautiful, and according to the website they seem to go along with the Jesse Tree Story

I’m also releasing my first E-Book. Rejoice: An Advent Devotional. It’s a daily devotional for adults for the advent season.

If you would like a copy of Rejoice: A Christmas Celebration, please enter your email below and I will send you a copy for free!



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