10 Simple Ways to Disciple Your Children This Year

How is it the end of January already? I felt very unprepared for this new year to begin. January always feel like a month of rest and regaining clarity for me.

Things I know I want to focus on this year are discipleship and being intentional. As our kids are getting older, I’m beginning to see the importance of discipleship and daily rhythms of being intentional with them.

Below is a list of 10 ways I plan to disciple them and live intentionally with them this year.

10 Ways to Disciple Your Children This Year

1.    Read a children’s Bible story with them each day

Jesus Storybook Bible


This sounds obvious, but life with kids is very busy and exhausting. Reading our children a Bible story each day can sometimes be easily forgotten if we don’t have a system in place. This Bible has beautiful pictures for children to look at, and the stories point to Jesus.


2.    Pray out loud for them daily.


3.    Teach them the Fruits of the Spirit


“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22


4.    Display the Fruits of the Spirit


I struggle to display kindness, patience, peace, joy, self-control, goodness, love, self-control and faithfulness when I’m overly stressed and not finding rest. When I make time each day rest, pray and let God’s word speak to me, I still struggle but I do much better at displaying these things throughout the day.


5.    Help them Understand Their Gifts

Most people are only naturally great at one or two things. I want to help my girls recognize how God uniquely created them from an early age. God made each of us so different. I want them to understand this, and be thankful for how He made each of them.

6.    Teach Them Generousity

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Junior

We love Dave Ramsey. I have talked with several moms who have purchased this kit. It comes with the envelopes for kids, and age appropriate chore ideas so our kids can begin learning how to earning money, and how to become financially responsible with it from a young age.

Berenstain Bears Piggy Bank Blessings

The Berenstain Bears books are a little outdated, but I still really love them. Our girls love them as well. They teach Biblical values in a fun way that kids can understand. 

 Moolah the Money Savvy Cow 

This is a great option for a piggy bank. It breaks the money departments into the categories of spend, donate, invest, and save.

7.    Make a List of Their Friends and Pray for Them Daily

·       I have a mom friends who pray for me and my kids, and I love that. I think the best way we can support our friends and their kids is to pray for them. Teaching our kids to pray is a great way to help them learn to have a relationship with Jesus. Getting them to pray for their friends makes it fun for them, and teaches them that prayer is also a way to love and serve others.


8.    Listen to Children’s Worship Music

           Hide Em In Your Heart

In the past I played this CD in our car anytime we went anywhere. Then one day it got taken out, and I just forgot to put it back in. Then a few weeks ago I heard my four-year-old running around singing “cause a playa’s gonna play.. play- play- play- play.” And now the CD is back in.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how what we listen to affects us and our kids. This CD has other kids singing memory verses, and our girls love it. Our four-year-old will run around singing verses about things she deals with in her everyday life when I have it playing over and over.  

9.    Let Them See You Pray and Read Your Bible

10.    Get Them Outside and Talk About Creation

That’s my list for this year.  Do you have any fun ways you disciple your kids? We would love for you to share with us by commenting below!

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