The Moments We Forget

This morning as I took our girls to school, green trash bins lined the driveways along our street. Our oldest daughter wanted to know why trash day was the same day as Valentine’s Day?

She’s been looking forward to Valentine’s Day for weeks. When we pull out of our driveway, she couldn’t believe something as terrible as trash day would be on the same day as Valentine’s Day. Someone obviously made a mistake, right?

Isn’t that how life so often works?  In our minds, we romanticize thing. We build them up and have unrealistic expectations. Visions of how things should be or could be play over in our mind. Then we pull out of our garage to start our day, and realize life is full of non-glamorous things. We build our dream house and realize it doesn’t make us as happy as we thought it would. We finally get our dream job, but then a few months later we find ourselves discontent again. 

We look on social media. Within five minutes, we desire to have cuter clothes, a new haircut, better skin, new family photographs, better family traditions, a trip to Disney World. We find everything we never knew we wanted. Within five minutes of scrolling posts and photos, we suddenly feel not enough.  

We easily forget the moments that aren’t photographed and Instagramed. The moments of loving each other in the everyday. The moments when friends call or text to encourage us or check in on us. The moments when our husband makes breakfast or dresses the kids because we are frantically running behind. The moments of wiping snotty noses and cleaning up vomit when our kids are sick. When we glamorize everyone’s best moment, we often miss what’s right in front of us. The chance to love each other in the everyday.

Don’t forget we all have to take out the trash at some point on Valentine’s Day.


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