Beautiful Dreamer

I’m love to dream. If I could think, dream and come up with ideas all day, that would be my favorite.


This past Sunday, my pastor husband gave a very powerful message to our church about living out our calling. During his message, I realized I have been sitting on a lot of my ideas the last few years. If a dream or idea I have requires that I rely on other people to help me, I usually push it to the side.


I’ve been working for over a year on my book, Never Enough. I’m so excited to be almost finished! I’m attending a writer’s conference in July, where I will be meeting with a publisher about the book. This journey has allowed me to learn how to grow as a writer and learn a lot about the writing industry. It has required a lot of time, energy and mental endurance.


The past six months has been our busiest season since Tim and I have been married. One of the things that brought me joy during the crazy season was writing. Blogging, finishing the book, and preparing my book proposal all at the same time have been challenging but in a good way!  This season has confirmed that writing and speaking is something I want to begin taking more seriously.


Although writing this book has taken a lot of discipline and endurance, it hasn’t taken me too far out of my comfort zone. It hasn’t required (at least not yet) me to depend on others. Writing has allowed me to stay within the comforts of my house or a coffee shop, where I can have control over what I’m sharing.


I’ve been feeling that God wants more from me than that. He’s been asking me to step out further. 


I realized this Sunday I’ve been sitting on a big writing dream for almost two years. A dream that will take me out of my comfort zone. A dream that will force me to reveal my weaknesses, trust in God’s strengths, and ask others to come along side me. 

I’m excited and nervous to see what’s ahead. 

Please be praying with me as I attend the writer’s conference in July and meet with a publisher there! I will have more updates on the book after that! 




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