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6 Best Tips to Create A Great Morning Routine


6 Best Tips to Create A Great Morning Routine

Since having kids, I’ve become quiet the night owl. It’s often the only time I can mentally focus on things, be productive, and have alone time after being surrounded by chatty daughters all day.

When I stay up to late, this means I struggle hard in the mornings. Really hard. However, I’ve learned how I start my morning can either make or break how productive I am each day.  When I wake up and allow myself to be lazy, the rest of the day usually follows suit. However, when I wake up with purpose and intention, I usually end the day with a feeling of accomplishment.

As a night owl, I’m also learning to shift some of the productivity to the morning hours, and go to bed earlier.

What helped me just do it?

I’m a big fan of the Allie Casazza Podcast. She said before she established her morning routine, she was waking up to her kids, and not for her kids. It hit me I was doing the same thing.

More importantly, time with kids is scare. My spiritual growth and health ultimately rise or fall depending on the choices I make with my time. As a leader in our church and in our family, it’s my responsibility to wake up an hour early to I can be mentally and spiritually healthy.

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So What Does My Morning Routine Look Like?

Wake Up An Hour Before Your Family

This time will vary depending on what time your kiddos wake up. Our house rule is that kids must stay in their rooms until 7:00. On mornings we have a kid wake up while we are reading, they have to go to their room or the playroom until 7:00.

Make Coffee

Thankfully, my wonderful husband gets up super early and coffee is always already made. If you are the first one up, I highly recommend programming the coffee at night so it will be waiting for you when you wake up.

Plan the Night Before

Since time is short, have a plan for what you will do with your time. I have a reading plan I follow each morning. I read my Bible for 30 minutes, journal for 10 minutes, look over my schedule for the day, then get dressed before waking up the kids.

Create a capsule wardrobe

Having a simple wardrobe can help you get dressed fast. With a capsule wardrobe, your options are limited which eliminates time you put into thinking about you will wear. However, all your clothes are meant to be clothes you love, so you can leave your house quickly in clothes you feel great in each day

Prepare meals for the week

When you have your meals planned for the week, you can easily review your meal plan while you are reviewing your schedule for the day. If you have a crockpot meal planned for the day, you can quickly and easily get it started while getting the kids ready for school. Then dinner is already done for the day!

Have a simple hair routine

I can go 3-4 days without washing my hair, if I follow a hair routine. Day 1 I wash it at night and sleep with it braided. The next day I wear it in a braid. Day 2 I touch it up with a curling iron and wear it wavy. Day 3 I use dry shampoo and pull it half up half down in a messy mom bun. Day 4, I either wash it and start over, or pull it up in a bun. Knowing this routine saves me time and mental preparation so I can just fix it quickly and go.

A Few More Quick Tips..

Don’t Give Up!

I’ve gotten into a great grove, then went on vacation or had a baby and fallen way off track. Don’t be discouraged when you give up for a short season. Just start back, even if it takes you a while to get back into your rhythm!

Don’t Assume It’s Easy for Everyone Else.

Having a morning routine is a discipline. It takes practice. You can do it!

Morning Routine Picks


Do you have a morning routine? What are your greatest tips? We would love to know!

4 thoughts on “6 Best Tips to Create A Great Morning Routine”

  1. Great suggestions. I guess I always have sort of had a morning routine, but I have changed up a bit recently and am really enjoying it. It really helps me get the day started in a positive way. It is so good to have some things to look forward to in the morning! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes – the one hour before the kids wake up is everything. I’ve been the same way with late nights since having kids – but I also know I am such a better wife, mom, and servant in the body of Christ when I wake up an hour before the kiddos. Your morning routine sounds similar to mine … fighting now to get it into a daily routine instead of a sometimes routine because, there is such a huge difference.

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