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Family Goal Setting Guide

Happy January Friends!

Hopefully 2019 is off to a great start, and you are off and running with your goals for the new year! We are having a slow start to the year at our house. I got sick with walking pneumonia January 1, and then had a horrible reaction to my antibiotic and had to be put in the hospital to recover. So, we are creeping into this new year as we recover from sickness at our house.

One of my goals as a mom is to have one goal each year for each of my kids that I can help them with, one family goal, and one big goal for myself. The family goal is something my husband and I work on together, and the kid goals are something I evaluate depending on what their current needs or obvious gifts are.

Last year I came up with this list of questions to help create a family vision for us, and for each of our kids.

Whether you are moving full force or you’ve already experienced some set backs, I think you will enjoy this family goal setting guide that our family uses to help set goals for our entire family.

Want your copy of the family vision statement guide? Download it here!

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