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How is your week so far? Are you enjoying warm and all the lovely trees in bloom?

The strangest thing about Spring in Alabama is soaking up the sun and enjoying the gorgeous weather during the day, then checking my phone each afternoon with a weather alert for an upcoming freeze warning for the upcoming night. Spring is truly a taste of Summer during the day, with a lingering Winter at night.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the girls being home for Spring Break this week. We surprised one of our kids with some exciting news. We are going to begin homeschooling our oldest daughter. She has Dyslexia, and we want to try the 1-1 homeschool route with her. Our other daughter loves school, so she will be staying where she is for now.

With Summer coming, baby Zoe on the move, and the new transition to homeschooling, my calendar is vastly changing! I want to make sure I’m still doing plenty of fun, intentional things with both girls, while also filling our day with enrichment for our oldest. With all these changes, I’ve made myself a monthly calendar, Spring bucket list, weekly planner and more.

I would love to share these things with you as well! To receive the full Spring Organization pack, simply click the download button below!

The full Spring Organization Pack includes:

  • Spring Bucket List with Ideas
  • Fillable Spring Bucket List
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Planner
  • Daily Planner
  • Goals

PS, need more help getting organized? Find more resources here!

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