8 Must-Haves for Getting Organized

I’m highly unorganized. However, I’m learning if I can get a great system that works, I can follow it.

For our family, this means someone else (usually my husband) setting up the system of where things will go. Once that’s in place, me and the kids can follow that. If things are set up for success, we can be too.

Here are some of the best tips we’ve learned for keeping our house more organized, with less work.

Paper Organization

Do you have piles of paper everywhere? Us too. It’s mainly all the kid’s school papers. It’s great having a place to put it all, instead of having piles of papers on the counter.

We’ve found putting this magnetic folder on side of the fridge is so helpful. It easily attaches to the side, and helps limit paper clutter. When things are due, we know exactly where to find them.

iLife robot vacuum

Having a robot vacuum is very helpful. This one does a great job for a great price! With three kids, I often sweep small areas of the house several times a day. Having this vacuum eliminates having to sweep and vacuum the entire house every day.


Having a great planner helps me so much. On Sunday nights, I can look at my entire week and what’s coming up. This helps plan meals and know how many we will need based on how many nights we will be home. It also cuts down on trips to the store, because I go ahead and get anything kids need for school projects or birthday parties they have coming up. I’ve also started time blocking to help make great use of time and be more effective with my day.


Journaling each day is great because it helps remove any mental clutter you might be carrying around from the day. Any kind of journal works great. Even a cheap notebook. I usually use this type of journal. It’s gorgeous and makes me feel happy. 🙂 This company also has really fun pens, and other things to make organizational tasks feel happier.

Multipurpose Cleaner You Love

One cleaner for everything makes cleaning so much easier. We love this cleaner. It’s also helpful to have a separate bottle in both the kitchen and all bathrooms. This way, you aren’t spending time looking for it when you begin cleaning.

Key Holder

There was a season where I spent tons of time and energy looking for my keys. Once, I looked for hours. I finally found the keys outside on our kids play set. With three kids fiddling with things, if things don’t have a place they end up in very strange places. Now that we have a key holder, it’s right by the door and the kids know exactly where to put things if they happen to find them on the counter. It’s also an easy habit to learn to hang it up right as we walk in. We bought our current one from a street market, but there are lots of cute options out there!

Jacket, Backpack, and Purse Organization

It’s seems that everyone in our family wants to comes in from the day, take jackets and backpacks off and dump everything in the floor. We have a certain spot for jackets, backpacks and purses. If someone forgets to put theirs up, it’s easy to remind them to hang them, and they know exactly where everything goes.

Shoe Bin

We have two cute baskets tucked under a bench (like this) right as we walk in. This is an easy place for everyone to put their shoes. It’s also easy when we clean up at the end of the day. If any shoes are found, the kids know exactly where to take them. When we get ready in the mornings, no one is running around looking for any missing shoes. They stay in their place.

What are your best organization tips? We would love to know!

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