Can We Make 2021 Great?

Has there ever been a better time to press the reset button? In some way or another, we have all felt the weird funk known as 2020. In some ways, I’m imagining the NYE Balldrop to erase all the negative affects that 2020 brought with it. Wouldn’t that be great? In reality, I’m beginning to except that might not happen.

So, how can we press the reset button on something we can’t control? That’s a great question.

I’ve got two things I’m hoping to help make 2021 great!

How to Make 2021 Great:

1. Family Goal Planning Guide

I know- it’s hard to plan when we don’t know what to expect. Can our goals shift with our circumstances? Find out more on that here!

2. Daily Prayer Journal

Do you need a reset in your spiritual life this year? This prayer journal is a great start. It’s designed to help you read through the Bible, and reflect on what God is teaching you each day. You can find more details here!

3. Yearly Goal Planner

Each year I take time to think through my personal goals for the year. I schedule time for this, so I can make sure it becomes a priority. I use these Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters. It takes some time to think through and make a plan, but each year it is worth the time investment!

That’s it! Those are my favorite ideas for making 2021 great! Just remember, we can do it! We can make this a great year!

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