How to Teach Children About God

Looking for a few ways to teach your children about God? Teaching our children about God often comes down to being intentional and disciplined in our own daily lives. When I am having consistent time with God, the thoughts of teaching our girls what I’ve learned comes to mind more easily.

As a pastor family with three young girls, we invest a lot of time and energy into teaching our kids about God. Below are the best ways we have found to stay consistent with teaching them each day.

5 Ways to Teach Children About God

Read the Bible to them

The best way to learn about God is to read His word. We love reading the Jesus Storybook Bible to our girls. My goal is to read them one story each day- but I must admit it’s usually more like two or three times a week.

Our oldest was baptized last year, and she loves reading from this Bible by herself. It’s easy enough for kids to read and understand, but doesn’t seem too “little kiddish” for them.

Make the Bible relevant to everyday life

Some of my favorite books for young girls are The Bible Belles Series. They have several books made to help young girls understand how God can help them through tough things they might face at school or in their young life.

Pray with them.

I must admit, I (regrettably) yelled at my kids a few times during 2020. 😬😳 The stress of sudden homeschool during a pandemic was a little much to manage at times.

On days I felt grumpy or stressed (or those times I yelled 😬), I always went back and apologized to the kids. I explained I wasn’t being grumpy because of them, and asked them if we could all pray together.

Going forward, this became something we began for anyone who had the grumpies or made a bad choice. It has softened my heart and my kids. It’s helped us all realize how loved we are (by each other and Jesus). Stopping to pray for each other has also helped us realize we all get the grumpies sometimes. 😳

Discipline them.

This might seem like it should say “disciple them.” That is very important as well. One thing I want is for our children to be obedient to what God calls them to. While we could use some improvement in the area of discipling our own kids, one thing we keep in mind is the importance of teaching them to obey with a happy heart. Obedience doesn’t mean having control over others. It means leading well and setting a good example (for kids and others in our life) to do hard things or mundane things which bring a positive. In our home this looks like cleaning up their toys before moving on to something else, helping with laundry, or not running around the house and stopping the first time we ask (which we are still working on).

Live by example.

For better or worse, we are leading our kids. The hard part about leading is this- we must go first. When I fall into unhealthy habits regarding my own self-discipline, it shows around our home and with our kids behavior. I don’t ask our kids to clean their room and help with laundry if I don’t first clean mine. In the same way, we can’t expect them to lead a life pleasing to God if we aren’t.

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