Hi, I’m Kristin!

I’m so glad you are here. I’m the mom of three beautiful little girls, and the wife of a super cute pastor. A few years ago, we moved from the West Coast back to the Southeast to start a church in my husband’s hometown. Church-planting has been the hardest yet most rewarding experience I have encountered in life, outside of parenting. It’s a joy to get to play a small part.


With three kids and starting a church, our lives stay full and busy. Unfortunately, I’m not naturally very organized. However, I do find that I’m a better mom to our girls and wife to my hubby when I work hard at being more organized. That’s why I work hard to create great systems for our family.

I also enjoy encouraging women to discover who they really are in Christ. When we seek to know and understand God more intimately, we begin to realize we are beautifully and wonderfully made- each with a unique purpose.


Dear Wife

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